Out And About (2013/07/17)


  • In this post, we see helpful excerpt from John Bunyan on the question “Does the doctrine of the covenant of grace promote lawless living?” In it Bunyan refutes antinomianism. (HT: Jason Delgado)
  • Kevin DeYoung proposes four things Christians can do to help race relations.

Foreign Policy

  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Obama’s lawyers are warning him against intervention in Syria.
  • U.S. Representatives Chris Gibson (R-NY) and Peter Welch (D-VT) have come out against intervention in Syria.


  • The EFF is bringing up a lawsuit on behalf of 19 organizations against the NSA for illegally gathering their call records.
  • Former two-term Republican Senator Gordon Humphrey from New Hampshire (who has served as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Armed Services Committee, and Judiciary Committee) recently wrote a message to Edward Snowden. In it he said: “I believe you have done the right thing in exposing what I regard as massive violation of the United States Constitution”.  He later commented that he regards Snowden “as a courageous whistle-blower” and said that he objects “to the monumentally disproportionate campaign being waged by the U.S. Government against [him], while no effort is being made to identify, remove from office and bring to justice those officials who have abused power”.
  • I think Bruce Schneier’s Mission Creep: When Everything Is Terrorism over at The Atlantic, is an important read. It speaks about how the government redefines terms and makes overly broad laws.  His final line is “Today we’re installing technologies of ubiquitous surveillance, and the temptation to use them will be overwhelming.”

Freedom of the Press

  • According to  this CFR article, the number of journalists imprisoned and killed has risen quite a bit from 2006 to 2012.

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