Mark Jones’ Book Upcoming Book On Antinomianism

mark_jonesCanadian PCA pastor Mark Jones has just completed a book on Antionomianism that should be available some time in 2013. It looks like it should be a tremendous book. He’s just recently posted a brief summary of each of the chapters.

Here they are:

  1. “Lessons from History: A survey of the rise and growth of various strains of antinomian thinking from the 16-18th centuries.
  2. The Imitation of Christ: Questions related to imitating Christ, the work of the Spirit in believers (immediate vs. mediate), etc.
  3. The Law: Questions to whether the law is an instrument of sanctification, etc.
  4. The Law and the Gospel: The various ways the relationship is understood between the antinomians and the Reformed (and Lutherans).
  5. Good Works and Rewards: Are good works necessary for salvation and what consitutes a “good work”? What about rewards for obedience? Does God need our good works?
  6. God’s Love (Amor, Amor): Does God love all his people the same or is there also a conditional love that depends on our obedience?
  7. Assurance: May justification be evidenced by sanctification? What is the relationship between the objective and subjective grounds for assurance?
  8. Rhetoric: The rhetoric used by the antinomians is often clever (i.e., those who oppose them are “medieval Christians”; “crypto-Papists”)
  9. Definition: What is Antinomianism? A denial of the third use of the law? What is the solution to antinomianism?”
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