Reading Unread Books

For those of us who not only love reading but also collecting books, we likely at some time or another will amass a pile of unread books that is likely too big to be completed in a lifetime.

I have a lot of good books that I own and I want to read, but haven’t tackled yet. Sometimes its just a matter of focus, where rather than reading one of these existing books I go to the library and check out a new book or go to the store and buy a new book.

And then there is also the question of how one decides which book to read next when one has a large unread stack. I’ve considered and tried various methods. I have now come up with a new one.

We have roughly 30 segments in our personal library shelving. My plan is simple, with no firm time limit. Over an undefined span of time (perhaps a couple years?), I will sequentially go to each bookshelf segment and select the one book from that segment that I want to most read and I will finish that book and then do the same thing for the next segment. This process will need not be rushed or mutually exclusive of some other reading. But I will try make most of my reading focus on this project. In theory, providing I follow through with this, after some time I will have finished 30 books which I really want to get to (at least the books that were the most urgent from each shelf segment). And in theory another plus side to this approach is that they will be spread across genres!

I plan to report my progress on this endeavor.

One Response to “Reading Unread Books”

  1. The best part of all is that the more books in the back catalogue you read, the more justification you have to purchase new ones! Eh…eh?


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