Out And About (04/20/2012)

Foreign Policy

  • This article argues that the internationalization of the situation in Syria has made it much worse. It concludes “The history of most humanitarian interventions in the last 15 years has been similar: By promising more safety than it can credibly deliver, the United Nations has often put the lives of those on the receiving end of its efforts in even greater danger”.
  • The Washington Post has an article on fading public support for the Afghanistan war.
  • India has just launched what the media is calling “the first intercontinential ballistic missile”.




  • So apparently Facebook is supposed to have its IPO in May. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already!



  • Sadly, musician Levon Helm has died of throat cancer at age 71. Born in Arkansas and the son of a cotton farmer, Levon is probably best known for his unique role as singer/drummer for The Band, the only non-Canadian in that band, and more recently his own music recording ventures. His music meant a lot to me. Now the only surviving members of the band are Robbie Robertson and Garth Hudson.

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