Curious Parallels Between Jesus and Sherlock Holmes

These are extracted (with some minor revisions) from a list given in GOD and Sherlock Holmes by Dr. Wayne Wall.
Both Jesus and Sherlock Holmes:
  • had a “biographer” that was a close companion (Matthew, John Watson)
  • had a “biographer” that was named John (John, John Watson)
  • had a “biographer” that was a physician (Luke, John Watson)
  • were bachelors
  • were sought out by both rich and common people
  • had somewhat of an adversion to publicity at various times
  • amazed their contemporaries
  • stayed with a woman named named Martha (Mrs. Hudson, Martha)
  • are likened to hounds (Watson compared Holmes to a hound, Jesus is sometimes called The Hound of Heaven)
  • each chose a band of helpers to assist in the mission (the street urchins, the disciples)
  • each had a reptilian nemesis (Moriarty is described as having reptilian facial movements, ¬†Genesis 3-the serpent-the dragon-Revelations 12:9)
  • dramatic confrontations with the nemesis
  • had premonitions of death (though Holmes’ were somewhat uncertain)
  • forsaken by friends (Holmes complained Watson forsook him for a wife, disciples forsook Jesus)
  • saw death as a sacrifice (Holmes was willing to die to get rid of Moriarty)
  • each climbed a mountain to meet death (Reichenbach, Golgatha)
  • they were left to die between two malefactors (Moriarty/Moran, the two theifs)
  • narrowly escaped being stoned (Holmes dodged Moran’s stones, Christ’s escaped stoning)
  • one involved in their death also died through a fall (Moriarty, Judas)
  • each was exiled in a foreign land to escape death (Hiatus in Tibet and elsewhere, exile in Egypt)
  • each had a tomb of sorts (Doyle called Reichenbach Falls a “worthy tomb” for Sherlock)
  • a search after suspected death failed to produce a body (suspected death because Holmes was only believed to have died)
  • each had a period of absence following suspected death
  • each communicated with a brother after suspected death (Mycroft, James)
  • each was brought back to life (Holmes by reappearing and not actually being dead, Jesus by resurrection)
  • Each re-appeared on an “Easter Sunday” (the murder of Robert Adair was a good Friday and Homes appeared two days later)

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