Confessions of a Jumpy Reader

One book at a time won’t do
to satisfy a reading itch
one needs at the very least a few
I don’t have much trouble keeping track
but I leave books everywhere
I feel like a hack.

My wife is quite patient with it all
though on this I’m sure
she can’t quite understand me on this point
and why I can’t just fly through them one-by-one.

I can’t image going through books one-by-one you see
I would admit that I take it to the extreme
and even I would admit it would be better with just two or three
ideally I’d have three, that would be the key
and only go ahead and add another one
when some other one is done.

But, I am a distracted reader jumping from book to book
and getting down to just three
is just so hard for me
and that’s the distracted reader’s hook.

Some day I will get there
and only have three ongoing books in our lair
but until that joyous day
I’ll come up with a really good reason
for my crazy book jumping treason.


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