Out And About 03/10/2012

Foreign Policy

  • Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies published some research that is interesting. 73 percent of respondents see Israel and the U.S. as the largest threat to the security of the Arab world. 55 percent support a nuclear-free Middle East. 55 percent think Israel’s possession of nukes justifies other countries in the region obtaining nukes. More than two-thirds support a democratic form of government.
  • Just War and the Iran Crisis by Robert Koons (thanks Ian!) is worth reading. There is solid meat in this article that pro-war-on-iran-hawks ought to wrestle with, stuff about proportionality, morality, and weighing the criteria of just war.
  • Alana Goodman has an interesting short article about Obama’s Administrations seeking UN permission for activity in Syria, but not Congressional permission. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta summed up the Administration’s position well when he said “Our goal would be to seek international permission… Whether or not we would want to get permission from the Congress”. Americans: Do you want your country to intervene in Syria based on the permission of an international body instead of Congress? Do you want them to intervene in Syria at all?


  • Anyone who knows the history of the FBI will hardly be surprised to hear that FBI has some files on the young Christopher Hitchens FBI from back in the 1980’s. Now we have specific scanned documents to prove it. You gotta love the FOIA! (Gawker has an article on this).
  • Anyone who insist Obama is a civil libertarian (contrary to all evidence) ought to read this article about his administrations desire to have warrant-less access to cell phone location data.


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