Odds and Ends

Assorted things that are new in my life:

  • I’m married now and have returned from a wonderful wedding and honeymoon and am now getting back into the swing of things. My wife is the wonderful, sweet, beautiful, smart, talented, amazing Jenn aka Mrs. Nenadov
  • I’ve driven a 26 foot u-haul truck across a border
  • I’m a cat-owner
  • I’ve become an Android-ian giving up the urge for an iphone
  • I’ve returned to the caribbean for the first time since January 2008–I went to Jamaica and I’ve been able to add 7 new observed species to my wildlife life list
  • This is a bit older news, but a few months ago I bought a house and moved into Essex, Ontario
  • Possibly a few other things
  • Some of this may explain why I’m not blogging as regularly as I theoretically did at some point in time

Links of note:

  • If you are ever looking to identify a reptile or amphibian from the caribbean, Caribherp is a fantastic fantastic fantastic resource  (Caribmap is also fascinating if you are into old maps)
  • Ojibway Naturalist Paul Pratt has an interesting post regarding an Anna’s Hummingbird that was seen in Cottam, Ontario — this is the first recorded sighting of this bird in Ontario and it happened in a tiny community about 10 minutes from my house 🙂
  • Check out these Audio Recordings of J. Gresham Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism
  • The Art of Manliness has hit the nail on the head with its 12 Most Infamous Moustaches Of All Time

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