It Is The End, My Friends

Dear Readers,

My first substantial blog began on November 30, 2005. That was nearly 11 years ago. That is, I’ve now decided, enough blogging for a lifetime.

This particular blog was started on February 14, 2009, and most of the time it’s been quite fun. There is a lot of content stored on here!

Eventually, the posts on here will disappear. I will be gradually migrating some of the content off of here to a couple of historical Tumblr blogs. In case you are interested, they are an accumulation of book quotes (Things Read & Noted) and a collection of Baptist history posts (Baptist History Notebook). I will be sure to find other uses for other posts I deem worth preserving.

Alas, I am still around elsewhere on the internet. Here are links to my various profiles in case you wish to connect and haven’t already:

Thank you for reading and sharing my thoughts!

Mark Nenadov – September 24, 2016

Books Finished – August 2016

(9 paper books, 0 ebooks, 5 audio books)

A Study in Pink

maxresdefaultRecently, I rewatched the first episode of the first series of the BBC series Sherlock, A Study in Pink. It’s loosely based on A.C. Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet. I’m an avid Sherlockian and have been eager to revisit some of the older episodes.

The episode was originally broadcast just over six years ago and I’m happy to report that it stands the “try it again in a few years” test. The introduction of Mycroft is masterful and will probably never grow old. The appeal of this episode was also heightened due to the fact that I am almost finished a book on forensics.

Here are some further resources which viewers (and potential viewers) of A Study in Pink may find fascinating:


A Study in Scarlet

Books Finished, July 2016

(2 paper books, 1 ebook, 3 audio books)

Books Finished in June 2016

(1 paper book, 3 ebooks, 3 audio books)

Books Finished in April 2016

(2 paper books, 2 ebooks, 2 audio books)

Blog “Spring Cleaning” – Phase 1

Recently, I decided it is time to do a “spring cleaning” on my blog. I’m not posting frequently in this stage of life and some of the clutter was heaping up additional “disincentive” to post.

Here is what I did for phase1:

  • Upgraded to WordPress 4.4.2
  • I updated a bunch of out of date plugins: Akismet, iThemes security, JetPack, and SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
  • Updated my “About Me” page. Not profoundly different, just a bit of an update.
  • Refreshed the Blogroll (removed 7 items that are broken or no longer relevant, added four new items)
  • Clean out old comment spam (~30,000)
  • I trashed 100 of the 101 post drafts I have sitting around. Really, if I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet, is it likely I ever will? (The one exception is a P.G. Wodehouse reading progress post I’m keeping around)
  • I deleted two inactive plugins


I’m hopeful that this will freshen things up a bit. Are there any other areas in which this blog can be improved?


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